Vertical Siding Windows



Vertical Sliders... 

The traditional choice 

Traditional sash windows are a beautiful period feature. Crafted with attention to detail, our Vertical Sliders combine the functional benefits and performance of a modern PVC-U window, with the feel, aesthetic appeal and operational simplicity of a traditional timber window.  They make a fabulous design statement in new buildings too.

You may want to have them to preserve or create the elegant look of your home.  You may need to have them because you live in a listed building or within a conservation area.  But having traditional sash windows doesn't mean having to compromise on what modern windows have to offer.  Our PVC-U vertical sliders offer the traditional beauty of a sash window, without compromising on important features such as minimal maintenance, energy efficiency and security.  With added features like an easy cleaning tilt function and optional travel restrictors, plus the choice of furniture and glazing styles, means you can truly create a traditional looking window, with all of the modern technology you would expect.